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Old Cabalan Integrated School-HS Department
Sergia Soriano Esteban IS II
Sergia Soriano Esteban Integrated SchoolS of Kalaklan
Uacon Integrated School
Cabitaugan Integrated School
Pamatawan Integrated School
Naugsol Integrated School
Subic NHS Annex VI-Aningway-Sacatihan High School
Subic NHS Annex V-Ilwas High School
Subic NHS Annex IV - San Isidro High School
Angel C. Manglicmot High School
San Rafael High School
Don Getulio F. Arendaeng High School
Pamibian Integrated School
Cawag Resettlement Annex III - Kinabuksan High School
San Agustin High School
Pundakit High School
Sta. Cruz NHS - Don Marcelo C. Marty High School
Mena Mem. NHS - San Fernando High School
Sta. Cruz South High School